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Digitization of Courts and Block Chain Technology

Technological developments must continue to happen with full freedom, innovations and immunity… BCT and its application in crypto currencies are going through a teething periods, they are not drugs or weapons themselves hence not out rightly in-humane. Due to the age of influencers who have vested interest in status quo and excessive information people and people’s mindsets are made up even before a new invention or technology has reached a certain maturity level or before they understand it completely for possible future implications and applications. A fear of possible disaster is there in any new technology that comes up, letters were considered bad news, airplanes were never considered safe, nor were cars, computers were meant to replace humans and credit cards theft was a huge problem. Technology is never good or bad, technology is neutral. The issue of good or bad depends on how it is being used. It may be used to bring about peace, harmony and happiness or people can use it for conflict, disharmony and exploitation… Read the post here.

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