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About Us

SpotLaw App* is a constantly updated encyclopedia of 70,000+ judgments from the Supreme Court of India (1950 on-wards)  using Neutral Citation and those referred in them. Judgments from apex courts of UK, USA and Australia are also being updated 2015 onward. This unique app enables Judges, advocates, teachers, law students, scholars, academicians, litigant and common man to do research using a smart phone or laptop.

SpotLaw is not merely a word search app, but is supported by a well structured interlinking database containing researched data, which makes legal research easy, meaningful and interesting

The App  search, accessing and information on judgement possible using the following buttons:

  1. Latest Judgments – Default page
  2. Word Search – For searching any word or term, also search within search
  3. SpotLaw Search – Unique Multiple data search engine on any or as many of the following
    1. Country, Court
    2. Date
    3. Subject, Issue, Decision
    4. Statute, Article/Section
    5. Judge, Status, Opinion
    6. Appellant,Respondent
    7. Citation
  4. Landmark Judgments
  5. DrishtiFirst Artificial Intelligence (AI) Legal Chat Bot

All judgments are curated by a expert team of Senior Advocates, Advocates and Academicians.  Each judgment is carefully examined and classified specifically under well-structured parameters, covering all possible factors on which users search judgments and effective research can be made

* Subscription of Rs.3,600 annually for ‘viewing, downloading and printing the judgment text’ and chatting with ‘Justice Drishti Vishwas