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1. Democracy and the
Mr. Gopal Subramanium, Senior Advocate & Former Solicitor General of India
Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996; The 2015 and 2019 Amendments
Hon’ble Ms. Justice Indu Malhotra, Judge, Supreme Court of India
Government, Government Departments & Statutory Corporations in Arbitrations
Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. Ramasubramanian, Judge, Supreme Court of India
Lawyers in Digital World- Byproduct of a Pandemic
Mr. Sajan Poovayya, Senior Advocate
Judicial Reform: A way Forward
Mr. R. Venkataramani
Conducting Criminal Trial through Video Conferencing: Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Siddharth Luthra, Senior Advocate
Misuse of Public Interest Litigation
Ms. Pinky Anand, Senior Advocate and ASG
Intricacies of Police Investigation & Criminal Trial
Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Senior Advocate
Nature of HUF and Ancestral Property
Mr. Ravi Gupta, Senior Advocate
Writ Jurisdiction: Indian Perspective
Mr. Rajiv Bansal, Senior Advocate
How to successfully defend a NI Act case?
Mr. Sidharth Luthra, Senior Advocate and Former ASG
Force Majeure
Mr. Shekhar Naphade, Senior Advocate
13. Is Indian Constitution a Legal or Political Document? Mr. Aspi Chinoy, Senior Advocate
Law of Force Majeure and Obligation to Pay Wages during Covid
Dr. Abhishek Singhvi
The Art of Cross Examinations & Criminal Trials
Ms. Rebecca Mammen John, Senior Advocate
An overview of the IBC with special reference to Part II (CIRP) and Part III (looking at the treatment of guarantors of the corporate debtor).
Mr. Amarjit Singh Chadiok, Senior Advocate
17. Virtual Session on Bail under Special Laws by Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Sr. Advocate Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Senior Advocate
18. Fundamental Rights during the Pandemic
Hon’ble Mr. Justice L.Nageswara Rao, Judge, Supreme Court of India
Discussion on a murder trial
Mr. Tanvir Ahmed Mir, Advocate
ICAI Leadership summit- Post COVID19 scenario
Mr. Harish Salve, QC, Senior Advocate, Mr. Arvind Datar, Senior Advocate and other panellists.
Effective Implementation of Mediation in India : The way forward
Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.S. Sistani
Constitutional History of Indian Republic and the Idea of Transformative Constitution
Mr. Vikramjit Banerjee, Senior Advocate
23. Mr. Rakesh
Rights and Duties of Lawyers in times of COVID-19
Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi, Senior Advocate
24. SC judgment on permanent commission to women in Indian army and navy : Its impact on gender justice Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Senior Advocate
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016
Mr. Amarjit Singh Chandhiok, Senior Advocate
26. Mediating conflict in unprecedented times Mr. J.P. Sengh, Senior Advocate
27. Code of Civil Procedure Mr. Vikas Singh, Senior Advocate
The effect and legality of the government’s demand to pay wages
Mr. J.P. Cama, Senior Advocate
Navigating COVID-19 Finance and Legal Teams- Corporate, Commercial and Disputes
Khaitan & Co
COVID- 19 in India – Workforce Management & Employment Law Considerations
Khaitan & Co
Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvIT)
Khaitan & Co
32. Decoding the complex Employer, Employee dynamics – Covid times Fox Mandal
33. Implications of Force Majeure on Commercial Leases in the wake of Covid-19 Fox Mandal
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 – Need to revisit in light of COVID-19 and the resultant
macroeconomic developments
Mr. Niraj Kumar, Senior Partner DSK Legal
Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards including Recent Developments
Mr. K.V. Vishwanathan, Sr. Adv.and former ASG
Constitutional History of Indian Republic and the Idea of Transformative Constitution
Mr.Vikramjit Banerjee,Sr.Adv & ASG
Supreme Court: Practice and Procedure (Introduction)
Ms. Shriya Maini, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India
Facets of Legal Journalism and Court Reporting
Ms. Sanya Talwar -Legal Journalist
Specific Performance Of Contracts
Speaker – SH. ANIL SAPRA (Sr. Advocate)
40. Hindu Law of Intestate Succession Hon’ble Mr.Justice R.Subramanian, Judge, High Court of Madras
Virtual Courts in the Wake of COVID-19 – Practitioners’ Perspectives
Khaitan & Co
The New Normal – Impact of COVID-19 on Arbitration Landscape in India
Khaitan & Co
COVID-19: Understanding Force Majeure and Assessing Legal Strategies
Khaitan & Co
How the Equalisation Levy Impacts Digital Service Providers in India
Khaitan & Co
Start-ups and the COVID-19 Crisis
Khaitan & Co
Preparing for Disputes Post COVID-19
Khaitan & Co
Navigating COVID-19 for Finance and Legal Teams
Khaitan & Co
48. Scope For Video Conferencing In Indian Courts, The Challenges Of Moving Towards Virtual Courts
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. A.K.Jayasankaran Nambiar, Kerala High Court
  • Jamshed Mistry : Counsel, Supreme Court of India/Bombay High Court; and Founder, (network of lawyers)
  • Harish Narasappa: Lawyer; CoFounder, DAKSH; Founding Partner, Samvad Partners
49. COVID-19 and Payment of Wages
  • G.R. Srikkanth, Senior Vice President – Legal, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group
  • Lancy D’souza, Expert Labour laws Counsel and Senior AdvocateBombay High court
  • Vasudevan V, In-house Counsel, HUL, JV Company Hindustan Field Service Pvt. Ltd. (Smollan Group)
50. Cyber Security Laws and Regulations: Discussing Road Map for India’.
  • Mr. Rakshit Tandon (Director/CoFounder of Hackdev technology Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Ms. Prachi Pratap (Advocate)
51. Blasphemy Laws and Free Speech J Sai Deepak Advocate Supreme Court of India
Enforcement of Foreign Awards
  • Mr. Gourab Banerjee (Senior Advocate)
  • Hon’ble Mr. Justice Prateek Jalan (Delhi High Court)
53. CLCAA discussion on challenges to the Legal Profession amid COVID-19 Alumni of Campus Law Centre, including former Supreme Court judges and senior lawyers
54. Forensic Evidences as a Decisive Factor in Crimes Related to Women Adv. Vishal Kr Singh
Law relating to injunctions: a professional perspective
Rakesh Tiku, Senior Advocate
56. Interplay between Mediation, Conciliation and Lok Adalats under the Legal Services Authority Act MR. SUDHANSHU BATRA, SENIOR ADVOCATE, HIGH COURT OF DELHI
57. The Virtual Conference On Protection Of Loan Books During Covid-19
  • Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan – CFO, TVS Credit Services Ltd.
  • Mr. Lalit K. Dangi – CMD Libord group Mr. Venkatesh Chari- CEO, ORIGA.AI
  • Ms. Kanchan Gupta – Co-founder The Cadre, Mr. Lancelot Joseph – Executive editor, Business
What are Electronic Evidence and How to make it admissible
Mr. Manish Manocha (Advocate)
59. Understanding P. M. L. A: Investigation, Inquiry and Attachment Mr. Maninder Singh, Advocate
60. Future of Legal Profession and Education: During and Post Lockdown
  • Senior Advocate Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Bar Council of India
  • Sanjay Rathi, Co-Chairman, Bar Council of Delhi
61. Lasting impact of COVID on the future of Legal Education in India
  • Mr. Tanuj Kalia (Advocate)
  • Mr. Karthik Ranganathan (Advocate)
  • Dr. Shashikala Gurpur Academician)
  • Dr. Vinod Surana (Academician)
  • Dr. Nigam Nuggehalli (Academician)
  • Prof. Arjya B. Majumdar (Academician)
62. COVID-19 and Payment of Wages
  • G.R. Srikkanth, Senior Vice President – Legal, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group;
  • Lancy D’souza, Expert Labour laws Counsel and Senior AdvocateBombay High court;
  • Vasudevan V, In-house Counsel, HUL, JV Company Hindustan Field Service Pvt. Ltd. (Smollan Group)
63. An overview on Mediation Law in India Mr. Sudhanshu Batra, Senior Advocate
64. Applicability of Force Majeure in present COVID Pandemic
  • Mr. Pankaj Ghiya (Advocate)
  • Priyamvada Joshi (Advocate)
  • Deepak Garg (Advocate)
65. Webinar: COVID-19 and International Law: What went wrong and what can we learn from it? British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)
66. Law of Identification Hon’ble Justice P.N.Prakash
67. Introduction To Securities Law And SEBI Mr. Pradeep Sancheti, Senior Advocate
68. Execution and Proof of Wills Justice S. Nagamuthu (Retd.), Senior Advocate, Supreme Court
69. Evidence Act and the Art of Cross Examination Mr.Haresh Jagtiani, Senior Advocate.
70. Specific Performance of Contract webinar Anil Sapra, Advocate.
71. . An Overview of The Prevention of Corruption Act
Mr. A. Ramesh ,Senior Advocate, Madras High Court
72. Arbitration and its scope after lockdown
  • Abhyuday Agarwal
  • Rajni Iyer (Senior Advocate)
  • Ruchika Motwani
73. Common disputes and litigation regarding wills and how to avoid them Satyajeet Desai, Senior Advocate Gujrat High Court
74. Sedition and Freedom of Speech Mr.Sidharth Luthra, Senior Advocate
75. Dispute Resolution as a Service and the New Normal Mr. C.S. Vaidyanathan, Senior Advocate
76. Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: Covid Response And Planning Ahead Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry,
77. Contractual Performance and COVID-19, a new and in-depth comparative law analysis on the impact of the pandemic on contractual performance
Franz Schwarz, partner at WilmerHale
78. Digital payments: Threats and policy opportunities during the pandemic
Ikigai Law
79. Digital games and sports: Legal issues Ikigai Law
80. Power Of Govt. To Direct Payment Of Wages And To Suspend Recovery Of Rent Vinay Kr. Garg, Sr. Advocate
81. Journey from Cognizance to Framing of Charges Senior Advocate Rebecca John, Supreme Court of India
82. Prevention of Insider Trading Senior Advocate Mr. Gaurav Joshi, Bombay High Court
83. Coronavirus and the Constitution Gautam Bhatia
84. Traversing Judicial Review Article 226 Mr. Aman Lekhi, Sr. Adv., Addl. Solicitor General Of India
85. Enforcement and Recognition of Foreign Award Zal Andhyarujina
86. Appreciation of Evidence Justice N Anand Venkatesh
87. Law relating to RERA Mr. M S Krishnan, Senior Counsel
88. Law of Evidence – Examination of Witnesses Hon’ble Justice Anand Venkatesh
89. Lecture on Electricity Laws Mr. N L Rajah, Senior Counsel
90. Lecture on Trials under the CPC Mr. Arun Kumar, Senior Counsel
91. An Introduction to GST Mr.N. Venkataraman, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
92. How to Draft a Successful Commercial Advocate Bhumesh Verma
93. NCLT amidst Pandemic
94. Navigating the Legal Challenges of COVID-19 FICCI Madhya Pradesh State Council along with J. Sagar Associates (JSA)
95. Pleadings Generally, and Pleadings in Declaration and Injunction Suits Ms.Chithra Sampath, Sr Adv
96. Working of Commercial Courts Mr.N.L.Rajah, Senior Advocate, Madras High Court
97. Basic Concepts in Service Jurisprudence Mr.V. Karthic , Senior Advocate, Madras High Court
98. Patent Protection Strategies in Singapore and India
  • Mr. Tarun Khurana (Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys)
  • Ms. Renee Xavier (Alpha & Omega Law Corporation)
99. Everything you need to know about the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
  • Mr. Deepak Biswas (Of Counsel, TMT Law Practice)
  • Sneha Herwade (Senior Associate, TMT Law Practice)
  • Shilpa Gamnani (Associate, TMT Law Practice)
100. India’s Digitisation of the Courts
  • Madhavi Divan, Senior Counsel, Additional Solicitor General, Government of India
  • Justice Madhan Lokur, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India
  • Zarir Bharucha, Managing Partner, ZBA
  • Gautam Bhattacharya, Co-Chair India Group, International Executive Committee, Reed Smith
101. An Introduction to IBC Mr.Omprakash Ellanti, Senior Advocate, Madras High Court
102. Law of Writs: Art. 226 and Art. 227 Adv. Asim Pandya
103. Recent Court Rulings on GST Sr. Adv. N. Venkataraman
104. Federalism and the Judicial Understanding
Hon’ble Mr. Justice D. S. Naidu, Bombay High Court.
105. Impact Of Covid 19 On Fundamental Rights And Duties
  • Prof. (Dr.) Balram K. Gupta
  • Dr .Shruti Bedi
106. Interpretation Of Conflicting Regulatory Laws
Mr. Maninder Singh (Senior Advocate)
106. Interpretation Of Conflicting Regulatory Laws Mr. Maninder Singh (Senior Advocate)
107. Land Acquisition- Compensation and Rehabilitation Ms. Geeta Luthra (Senior Advocate)
108. Criminal Investigation Do’s And Don’t Mr. Siddharth Luthra (Senior Advocate)
109. Specific Relief Act A Journey Mr. Baldev Raj Mahajan, Senior Advocate , Advocate General, Haryana
110. Arbitration, Mediation & Online Dispute Resolution
  • Justice (Retd.) Kurian Joseph
  • Justice (Retd.) K. Kannan
111. Income Tax And Tax Planning
  • Advocate Rakesh Gupta
  • Ca T.N Singla
112. Fair Disclosure & Criminal Prosecution In India
  • Mr Purursaindra Kaurav Sr.Advocate,Advocate General Madhya Pradesh
  • Advocate Tanvveer Ahmed Mir
113. Fundamental of Criminal Law Kapil Madan
114. Indian Judiciary Gautam Bhatia and Suhrith Parthasarathy
115. Debacle of Seat versus Venue in Arbitration
Surjendu Sankar Das, MCIArb
116. Conflict Resolution through Mediation & Its Impact on Relationships Ms. Veena Ralli, Senior Mediator
117. Constitution Morality Mr. Salman Khurshid, Senior Advocate
118. . Presidential Rule – Duties, Function and Restriction on the Power of Governor Senior Advocate Rakesh Dwivedi , Supreme Court of India
119. Analysis of the Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Case and my experience at the ICJ
Mr.Harish Salve,QC & Sr.Adv
120. Business impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Governance.
  • Nitin Potdar – Partner, Corporate, JSA
  • Gerald (Jerry) Manoharan – Partner, Corporate and Disputes, JSA (Moderator)
  • Manvinder Singh – Partner, Corporate JSA
121. Genocide, The World and India – A Criminal Trial Lens
Shriya Maini, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India
122. Candid Conversation With Dr. Abhishek Singhvi on Time Management Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi (Senior Advocate)
123. Domestic Violence and Covid 19 Smeeksha Pandey, Advocate
124. Webinar on Contracts and Contract Drafting
Mr. Bhumesh Verma (Advocate)
125. An Overview Of Anti-Corruption Laws In India” By Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Senior Advocate
Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Senior Advocate
126. CPC – Pleadings Sr. Adv. ARL. Sundaresan
127. Law is Male Dr. Ved Kumari
128. Lexidem Webinar: Execution of Decree: Challenges and Solutions
Lexidem Webinar: Execution of Decree: Challenges and Solutions
129. India Power Talk
  • Shailesh Haribhakti
  • Nitin Podar, Senior Partner, JSA