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SpotLaw App – Users Guide

Getting Started

SpotLaw App is simple and easy to use. Proceed as follows to use it effectively:

a. Download the App from Google Play Store / Apple iTunes

b. Sign up and you are ready to do your research

c. By default the screen ‘Search Word or Phrase’ will appear. This is the routine or usual way of searching for a judgment from the judgment text

d) Enter first four characters of Appellant’s name and touch “Search”. App will retrieve list of judgement which have first four characters in Appellant’s name. You can touch the judgement or ‘>’ sign and its details will be shown

e) There is a Menu button on the Top left. Touch this button to open the menu.

f) You can search and access judgement based on Appellant, Respondent, Hon’able Judge’s name, Statute and so on

g) See video below for more details


Please write to support (a) spotlawapp.com in case you need more details.

Download App from Google Play Store
Download App from iTunes