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How it Works

Getting Started

Our attempt is to make SpotLaw App easy to navigate and intuitive to use. We follow design thinking approach when creating the user interface. If you find it difficult or have suggestions for improvements, do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback.

It’s a simple three step process to start using the app:

1) Download the App from Google Play Store / Apple iTunes

2) Sign up and you are ready to do your research, build one or more libraries using bookmarks and much more

3) oh wait!… there’s no step 3. It’s that easy!

Few tips & tricks:

  • Filter results you see on any screen using keywords. A great way to narrow down the list further
  • Enter at least 3 or more characters when searching on Citations, Appellants and Respondents
  • Create one or more libraries for fast retrieval by bookmarking a judgement
  • Use match type ‘all’ or ‘exact’ to narrow down your full-text search by keywords
Please write to support (a) in case you need more details.


See video below for more details