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# MeToo – Unburden your baggage, cleanse your soul, save your daughters…

There always is:
A time to get hurt, a time to heal and a time to strike back, 
A time to remain silent, a time to contemplate and a time to speak,
A time to suffer, a time to meditate and a time to even the score,
A time to weep, a time to smile and a time to laugh,
A time to mourn, a time to console and a time to dance…

The time to get hurt, remain silent, suffer, weep or mourn is over. The time to heal, contemplate, meditate, smile and console is also over.  The time has now come to strike back, to speak, to even the score, to laugh and to dance. Post 2015 the critical mass of being has shifted from the third to the fourth dimension  – from mere physical territories and existence to the metaphysical  and the borderless ; from shut, closed, meaningless, irrational inhuman chaos and oppression to an open, transparent, well meaning, rational, humane, uncluttered and judicious social order. This can be experienced by issues in which the majority has become interested,  and seeks  support and justice for all. Inclusiveness, environment, health, wellness, spiritual growth, blockchain, artificial intelligence have all become significant and momentous. Century old enactments perpetrating divisiveness and inequity on the basis of color, caste, creed, gender and geographical area are being struck down by the Supreme Court. There is still serious resistance to it all by those who are unable to see the light at the horizon or have vested interest, are afraid of the change from the comfort of the status quo and the known. These changes are a very welcome sign for the growth of homo sapiens.

The #MeToo movement is another facet of the same said energy touching and affecting everybody and taking everyone along, towards a more civilized, humane and harmonized society. It is a process of final recollection, expression and forgiveness. MeToo movement is to bring about better awareness and understanding of the Self and to unburden the baggage, cleanse the soul and enjoy the bliss of existence forever hereafter. It is not just about an individual female, but about every female who has suffered and may suffer at the hands of a fundamentally criminal minded being, who ruthlessly, brutally and without any pity had physically and emotionally exploited her, to get pleasure and satisfy his lust, creating a permanent damage to her person.

The #MeToo movement is about recollection of an event that had hurt a woman during her vulnerable days. The transgression is usually by a known elder male colleague, family member or family friend, for whom she had respect and regard, till the happening of the unconceivable, unimaginable and unbelievable. When she was coming of age on her own, becoming aware of her own self to find her identity, her trust was breached, by those with whom she had felt secured. All of a sudden she had found herself   experiencing shock, ordeal, pain and trauma at the emotional and the soul level, by a valued, esteemed and cherished elder human being, exhibiting and exposing the concealed and veiled dark side of his immoral, malicious and evil persona.

Dr. Jekyll in public had transformed to Mr. Hyde when alone with her, inflicting damage, injury and hurt leading to permanent scars. The incident may have lasted a few minutes, but had led to a lifetime of trauma. She was then vulnerable because of self-understanding of social and economic pressures and social milieu around. Seriously handicapped because of lack of communication and support within the family and friends, who may instead of finding answers and solutions would have led her to social ridicule. She had found herself being all alone to fight the unreasonable and unjust, in the process of discovering herself and understanding the true nature of the social structure. She was then injured, hurt and damaged, but had maintained her silence, she had suffered, wept and mourned time and again and always aware that her reaction will have more disastrous consequences and she will have to disappear in oblivion. It was a shock which hit her at the emotional and soul level and at times restrained her from giving her best to the world. Her potential remained eclipsed and dormant. But she continued to heal, contemplate, meditate internally and smile and laugh to the best of her efforts, however the lurking fear and insecurity remained all pervasive, sub-consciously and unconsciously.

The wheel of energy and time, insecurity and fear, vulnerability and desperation has moved full circle. Today she has settled herself, consolidated herself, found her true self, has evolved and matured emotionally and is able to express without fear, her not so happy past experience. The time has come now to express one’s Self clearly, expressly and unambiguously, offload the trauma and to forgive one’s own self for being unable to give back at that point in time and take it all lying down. Forgiveness is not just pardon and reconciliation, but it is releasing resentment and getting justice. #MeToo is all about healing oneself by unburdening of the past, which had continued to meet the present and has potential to travel in the future, in times of solitude or every time one comes across that person or hears about him, shamelessly enjoying the fruits of self-glorification in the society.

#MeToo movement is not just about the exploited individual females, but also about their sisters and daughters and about all other females in the world whom they have to protect from exploitation and who may suffer at the hands of the sexual predators or their soul equivalents, These deluded by ignorance, enmeshed in senses and addicted to gratification of lust take it for granted that they will not suffer the same trauma for they have no social fear and have necessary wherewithal, to deal with the due process of law and justice. These malicious, spiteful and demoniac minded people not only do not feel shameful and repentant about their ill doings, but continue to contemptuously boast about their abuses and exploits to their friends, bootlickers and sycophantsSad but true that they find magnificence and glory in unwelcome touches, fingering, molestation and rapes. Their mind is full of greed and lust and their discretion is lost because of hoarded wealth by not so legal means and hired brutal muscle power. These lecherous, demeaned and rotten souls continue to get over their deeds by drowning their mind and drenching their senses in alcohol, drugs and other external stimuli.

The feminine energy is on the rise and it will and must, with full force and ferociousness at its command, hit all those whose hands, fingers, lips, tongue and organ had transgressed and trespassed into unwelcome territories, without respect and love and led to a chilling effect to the simple, self-seeking pious soul, moving in the world to express herself beautifully in a secure and rational world.

Pity the sexual predators, for they have no dignity, respect and love in themselves and for their fellow human beings, more so when they claim themselves to be well off, educated and civilized. These tormented souls demean themselves and the most pious relationship that exist between males and females. Relationship which is the true basis of growth, development and progress of the social order and the human being. They and their soul equivalents exist anywhere and everywhere looking for easy prey, who they think will take it lying down, for they have no choice and will not give back ever. But that never happens. Everyone has to get back what he gives, with interest loaded thereon. Karmic and moral laws are as irreversible and ruthless as physical laws. All events are duly recorded in akaash records forever, good, bad and ugly and their results will follow.

Those who had suffered and carried the burden in their younger days must now express, unburden and relieve themselves of the trauma. However, these predators will have to carry the burden till they are hounded to their grave unless they ask for forgiveness and are forgiven for their misdeeds. A blatant denial, asking for proof and threatening for action of defamation, will only lead to more exposure of their misdeeds and carries the potential of further ridicule by every female in the family and around.

‘Not to complain and not to explain’ is an easy answer, but not the correct answer. The complaint is by the exploited female and her cry has already gone unheard earlier. She has now the means and wherewithal to place the facts in the right perspective. The accused certainly will have to explain to many, particularly those close to him now and admit the deep murky demon existing inside himself, ask for forgiveness and live a better life or speak a hundred more lies and demean his existence further and suffer larger and deeper karmic consequences.

A word of caution to them or their social admonition at early stages would have certainly prevented a repeat performance from taking place, and perhaps, many others could have been saved from agony, but it is never too late, for it will certainly carry necessary impact on them for the rest of their life and one and all around him. Law will have to evolve and provide due compensation for the losses suffered, apart from the social stigma and the exposure of their true colors on the social media, which is wholly imperative and essential. Mr. Hyde will have to be punished for his acts and Dr. Jekyll will also have to penalized and castigated.

In crime all are responsible along with the murderer, those who make the weapon, those who accompany the accused or those who give him open or tacit support. Similarly in sexual exploitation also all are responsible, those who did not acknowledge the fact at the first occurrence, stood up for her or unknowingly and unwittingly gave predator opportunities or encouragement to be alone and attack the victim in dark or seclusion again and again. Therefore, it is not the hunter alone who will have to suffer the trauma, but certainly he will have to suffer it more in the silence of seclusion… forever… going through penance and purification… till they are forgiven here or hereafter…

However, this is not the reflection of the entire society, but the aberrations of the society which the society itself and its lawmakers can make efforts to control and regulate. We don’t want to have a society of exploiters and exploited, criminals and victims. This is a stage of gender justice, but there is no gender war. Every human being has to be just, reasonable and work towards harmony. Exploitation by anybody, in any form, at any time, whether social, economic or physical needs to be checked by all-out effort. Life is all about love, forgiveness, joy, happiness and ecstasy and the undercurrent is always the search of our self, our kingdom, an enlightened experience of truth and justice, where we enjoy the bliss of our existence and that is only possible if those who have suffered, fearlessly unburden themselves of the baggage carried by them.

(Acknowledgment to Pallavi Malviya Gupta, Ajita Mutha Sahu and Roli Jindal)

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