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Essential step to cleanse the economy

As the world has moved from third dimension to the fourth, on its march to the fifth, the limitations and restrictions of borders and time, which are vestige of the industrial age, have lost their significance in all facets of human and social interactions. Cultures, nations, institutions, social structures and processes that are refusing to move with the wave are being and will be wiped off. People around and the new generation in particular, has suddenly become health conscious and taking time out for workouts, yoga and cleansing. Use of organic food and being vegan is in vogue as never before, all this is leading to a more harmonized civil society, the avowed goal of the mankind. Money is a tool to exchange the produce and services and is the blood stream of the social system. The prosumer (producer + consumer) has not been getting its dues and feels exploited, either by legally sanctioned structures or by those who have domain knowledge.

The contamination, toxins and cancerous growth in the national blood stream has been challenging its existence. Abrasions in every body and in all institutions always exist, which law continues to regulate and keep under check, but falling into line takes all those out of their comfort zone, who shamelessly glorify their plunders and loot. Resistance to change from status quo is natural, as it effects change from familiarity of the known and rupture the vested interest having deep rooted and pervasive control, fueled by forces that fear the rising of a great civilization. Young India has been finding it impossible to make significant contribution in nation growth and GDP, for it finds itself struck in the global arth chakra.

Demonetisation is one of the many steps necessary and essential to cleanse our economy, which we all wish, but few have inclination to know and understand. Demonetisation is one solid beginning, by those who are able to perceive and are making efforts to rebuild nations’ foundation, but by itself is wholly irrelevant and can have disastrous consequences. For the moment, it has suddenly made all aware of the digital world and the institution of banking. Hoarding, under the garb of securing insecurities has suddenly lost its charm, charisma and demeanor. Demonetisation will need necessary support, processes and empowering of institutions by bringing in clarity, transparency and precision. With the follow up taking place, it will certainly lead to an amazing and significant change in the approach, attitude and outlook of all those who constitute the meaningful mass, bear the burden, is watching the change with awe and circumspection and is waiting for it to become irreversible.

Detoxication of money and its strategic timing will help India in forging ahead to become a part of the forces that drive the world economy. All this will need more than mere will of a single man with his strategy, it will need execution by a team with commitment and clearer understanding of the flow of the money in global context, its sources, streams, current and the formidable structures that protect it. With considerable resistance existing within and without, the process will certainly take time and the delivery will certainly have birth pangs. With deep strength in our culture, we will certainly be able to take the quantum leap and be a part of the paradigm shift for which we all have been waiting, since we choicelessly opened ourselves to the new age. Lets us join the chorus, by choice, and make mera Bharat mahan in its true sense, as we ride the fourth wave. 

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