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Dimension Theory as basis of GDPS (Growth, Development, Progress and Social-Engineering)

As a few people became aware of the fifth dimension and are manifesting, expressing and expounding their perception, understanding and knowledge relating to it (Interstellar – Movie), the institutions are gearing up to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution which is setting in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. VUCA nature of the world is the result of quantum existence of multi-dimensional beings, thriving to retain and maintain their identity.     Human mind is capable of comprehending the direction of this webbed structure, which can be quickly grasped now, because the dimensional change post 2015 makes it possible for more beings to appreciate, understand and accept the dimension theory of GDPR as the basis of all the advancements and conflicts existing and will come into existence in due course of time. These changes continue to affect just everything and everybody as the social DNA continue to alter – economics, politics, governments, bureaucrats, international organizations, NGOs, entrepreneurs, family, relationships, law, art, sports, spiritual awareness etc. 

People who matter are able to see the direction of the change and they help others who are affected by it absorb and move with the change. The seers, seekers, statesmen and leaders continue to sustain the system by communicating with the masses in various forms, in their daily social interaction. The masses are not interested to know the basis for they have their structured life routines to keep them engrossed and rely on their representative leaders for decision making and showing them the path. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the dimensions and understand how the change in dimension, continue to changes the world around  choicelessly.

The cycle moves through full 12 dimensions. We deal up to sixth here, for that is relevant for our times and purposes, others will be revealed as the world continues to move in its lateral existence:

First Dimension: Dot; awareness or consciousness as single individual existing as unit; nomad; without settlement; pre-civilization; pre-agriculture; closest link to another dot, a line…

Second Dimension: Area; square, rectangle, circle, triangle; settlement; civilization; family; tribes, clan, colony; ownership of land; agriculture age/ wave; awareness of existence of a group; use of education and knowledge for survival; actions charged by passion; man to man combat…

Third Dimension: Awareness of time and space; Cube, prism, balls, volume; Expansion of territories beyond nation; acquisition of land by discovery and wars; art of war; relativity; first, second and third Industrial revolutions; accuracy, precision, punctuality, exactitude; mass production- mass destruction; 1770 -1955..

Fourth Dimension:  Awareness and belief in metaphysical existence; life beyond mere physicality; quantum mechanics; internet, web, space travel; border-less, gender-less, classless, timelessness world; search of soul mates; Intuitive wisdom, 24 x 7; open work culture, beyond time and space; TV, mobile and Internet; Awareness of consciousness, signs and symbols; 1955 – 2015..

Fifth Dimension:  Harmony in metaphysics; every being on the earth has a meaningful and purposeful existence being a part of the whole and must be given due recognition and respect; Synchronized deep relationships with people intersect – meeting with soul mates and respect to old souls; Cultural as barometer of gross social happiness; awareness of survival only if entire humanity join in concord; Collective consciousness in accord; talking to Angles; 2015 – 2035…

Sixth Dimension:  Rhythm in metaphysics; awareness of universal consciousness; Synchronized existence of majority of beings; universalism and blissfulness; 2035+

The dimensionality of the beings choicelessly continue to change, evolve and grow and so do their perception, thought process, attitude and social interaction and as the DNA of majority changes, it gets accepted and realized that the world has moved from one age to another as if mounted on a wave. The majority in the world moved from pre-agricultural age (prior to settlement and civilization) to agricultural age (prior to 1770) to industrial age (1770-1955), to e-age (post 1955) and finally to AI-age (Artificial Intelligence), post 2015.   When the majority of human beings shifted from second dimension to the third, they became aware of time and space and were able to work on the wisdom of the past for new inventions, industrial age commenced with the first industrial revolution in 1770 in Europe. It was also the time when the booty of plunder and loot from India continued to arrive, without any resistance and competition. The development of steam engine, textile industry and iron played central roles.   

The second industrial revolution took place between 1870 and 1955 where Europe and America played central role. Banking institution and debt financial structuring brought in capital from thin air and supported inventions, and developed infrastructure and technologies. Use of electricity, oil and steel for mass production and mass destruction resulted in expansion of existing industries and growth of new ones. Major technological advances during this period included telephone, light bulbs, internal combustion engine and brought in competition and rise of individual nation.     

Post 1955 (when the white collar jobs in USA exceeded the blue collar jobs) service jobs exceeded industrial workers, the third industrial revolution resulted in shift to digital technology and brought in personal computers, the internet, mobile phones and information and communication technology. This shifted the world to a whole new webbed structure and a global village. People started getting linked to each other, in spite of themselves, and the awareness dawned on one and all that the globe is a single integrated and connected unit. The advent of e-age created a border-less, seamless, limitless, gender-less, classless, ageless, multi-culture world where the only barometer of beings’ achievements and success is the power of thought and capacity to provide means of economic exchange with products which were more accurate, faster, efficient and cost effective. During this period the attributes of majority of people shifted from the physical third dimension to metaphysical fourth dimension and that brought in sudden awareness to health issue, wellness and a shift to a more humane and spiritual being, a better civil society.   

The fourth industrial revolution broke in 2015 building itself on the digital revolution and marks the emergence of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, 3D Printing and autonomous vehicles. Wealth creation by more humane ways and relationship based on co-existentialism has continued to evolve simultaneously in the quantum world as it progresses in the fourth industrial revolution. This new dynamics is taking precedence over a controlled world with monopoly in the hands of few charging passions of those who can be ruthlessly and brutally exploited in a created competitive and controlled environment in the lateral world. Suddenly there was also awareness of (mis) utilization of money in the hands of financial institutions and bankers by those who were anti human and anti-social.

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